Our Policies

Academic Progress

Grading Policy: The Institute's grading system for all classes is as follows;

  • 95 - 100% = A = 4 Points = Excellent
  • 85 - 94% = B = 3 Points = Above Average
  • 75 - 84% = C = 2 Points = Average
  • 65 - 74% = D = 1 Point = Below Average
  • 0 - 64% = F = 0 Points = Non-Passing

Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade average of 65% through the first 25% of their class, a 70% grade average by the midpoint, and achieve a 75% grade average upon completion. The maximum number of hours in which a student must complete their course of study will be 1.5 times the published duration for the specific class(es).

Should a student fail to meet the minimum grade average, they will be personally notified in writing and contacted by their instructor regarding grade improvement. To the extent that, in the opinion of the instructor and program director, a student can still benefit by the training, he/she will be allowed to continue on probation. The probationary period will continue until the next regularly scheduled grading period or the next scheduled academic progress check, whichever occurs sooner. Students who fail to achieve a 75% grade average during the probationary period will be dismissed.

Students who fail to complete their course within the maximum time frame allowed may, with just cause, request an extension from the program director. If an extension has not been requested and granted by the end of the maximum allowed time frame, the student will receive a failing grade for the course. Students who voluntarily withdraw or have been dismissed from a previous course or program may apply for re-admission and be accepted at the discretion of the Director of Admissions. If accepted for re-admission the individual will be considered a new student and past performance will have no bearing on current academic standing.

Appeals Process for Students Placed on Probation

A student may appeal the determination of unsatisfactory progress and the termination of financial aid to the Director based upon extenuating circumstances. In such cases the Director may determine that the student is making satisfactory progress towards the certificate despite the failure to conform within that normal time frame or minimum grade averages.

Readmission and Change of Curriculum Policy

Students who have been dismissed for lack of satisfactory progress may apply to be re-admitted to the Travel Institute in the same curriculum after waiting a period of three months. Such students will be enrolled for a probationary period upon re-entry. With respect to financial aid, a student must complete that evaluation period with at least a 70% average before financial aid awards will be made. This procedure applies only to dismissals caused by lack of satisfactory progress and only when the student is re-entering the same curriculum. It does not apply to voluntary withdrawals.

A student who changes his/her educational objectives by entering a new curriculum will have only the grades for those courses credited to the new curriculum considered in the cumulative average. However, for purposes of determining whether the student has completed a course in the maximum allowable time frame, the time spent in the previous program will not be considered. Students will be allowed only one change of curriculum.

Course Incompletions/Withdrawals

A student who withdraws or fails to complete his/her course, whether voluntary or involuntary, will receive a failing grade for the entire course.

Required levels of performance for Graduation

Successful completion is based upon the student's ability to demonstrate a mastery of the requisite knowledge and skills for the selected course or program as evidenced by having passed all required exams and achieving an overall cumulative GPA of 75%. Documentation of accomplishment is provided through the granting of the appropriate certificate or diploma as described in the brochure. Students achieving a cumulative course grade of 95% or better will graduate "With Distinction".

Student Conduct

TIP expects all students to conduct themselves in a professional and businesslike manner at all times. The Institute reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student conducting themselves in a manner deemed to be harmful or disruptive to the school or student body.

Termination Policy

It is the policy of the Institute to do everything possible to ensure the successful completion of a student's course of studies. Should a student demonstrate an unwillingness or inability to conform to the policies of the Institute, said student may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Excessive tardiness or absence.
  • Failure to meet financial obligations to the Institute.
  • Violation of Student Conduct Policy.
  • Consistent unsatisfactory performance in class and on periodic examinations to the extent that a student is deemed unable to benefit from the training provided.

Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is mandatory due to the concentrated nature of the material. We realize that occasionally a student may need to miss a class. In such cases, the Institute will make every effort to work with the student to make-up missed class time (through extra homework, scheduling a session with a tutor, or having the student come early to class or stay after class). Culinary students requiring additional kitchen time, beyond the normal scope of their class, for make-up work will be charged an additional $100.00 per week to cover food cost and expenses.

To minimize the amount of material missed and time lost, students are requested to inform the Institute of possible tardiness or absence prior to the class session. Any student who consistently or excessively fails to notify the Institute of tardiness or absence and hampers the progress of other students by interrupting the class, will be contacted by the Director of Student Affairs.

All absences and tardiness will be measured in hours and recorded. A student who is 15 minutes late will be recorded as absent for one hour. Any student absent more than 20% of their published class hours will be placed on probation for a period of two weeks, or for the duration of the course, whichever is shorter. Students absent for five (5) consecutive class days will be automatically processed for termination.